Jennifer Nettles

Road Diary 7/2/05:

This is my first attempt at a diary entry from the road. In this case, from the air. I am sure it will be a strain of consciousness, babble of run-on sentences. Much the way I think. We're on our way to Winnepeg, Canada after missing our Montreal connection last night due to our first flight sitting on the runway for and hour and a half before take off. That prompted us to scrounge for a hotel. (And I mean scrounge: Not only was it Jazz Fest in Montreal, but also, Canada Day) (Their Independence Day). If there is one skill I am having the opportunity to exercise, it is flexibility and fluid grace in dealing with the unexpected. (No small feat for a Virgo!). Really the biggest gift I want to share with you this entry is two books. I'm on a reading jag right now. So far, I'm two for two in finding precious gems to read. If you like to read at all. If you like beauty in any form read either or both of these books: The Shadow of the Wind, by: Carlos Ruiz Zafon Beautiful, Gothic, mysterious, intelligent and a page turner. One of the best books I've read in a long time. I finished it a week or so ago and passed it on to Fritz who finished it today and has passed on to Scott. The Kite Runner, by: Khaled Hosseini I am currently reading this now but only a few chapters into it, have decided already that it is so beautiful and powerful that it is heartbreaking! Happy Reading! And I'll see you on the road! Jennifer

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